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AI1 Hikes, East May 6, 2008

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Baker Blinker relaxes in a neighbor’s swing after a hard day’s work of remodeling the house. Wheeee!

I’m not going to comment in depth on the snapshot below except to say: sweep under the rugs the next time you clean AZ! 🙂

While I had the “remove camera constraints” option selected, I took a number of other snapshots, including the two below. The second shows an interesting misty, “bare” landscape that is actually full of trees. The knob in the background is one you’ll see repeatedly in this blog as it moves along, a kind of nearby landmark for me. Usually it is topped by a giant chestnut tree. This scene reminds me of an earlier pic of the burgeoning Greta continent, which I haven’t been back to. Too disheartening to see it become an unrelenting checkerboard of commercial/residential property. Give me the peace and quiet and greenery of AI any time!

Then we come to Baker Bloch’s longer nightime hike. It started at dusk and ended at dawn. Around 2 hrs., then, I believe. Here he is on the side of a nearby rocky mtn. examining a ledge previously unencountered. Look, a cave! Notice also the wolf lair in the first pic, to the left. Glad he’s just been fed! Nice waterfall as well, which I’m sure I’ll have more pictures of later on.

Nice, glowing waterfall in the same area. If you look close you’ll notice some cracks in the rock where the waterfall shines through. When you begin to play around with building, especially, you begin to notice these little flaws. I think they’re cool personally. Not everything has to be perfectly crafted.

When I finally reached a road to the west after a long hike on this rocky ridge, encountered some more glowing objects, art this time. Stuff like this makes it worthwhile to spend some time wandering after the sun goes down for sure.

Blochs wonders if this is the same tree that had the swing Blinks sat in earlier on.

The sun peaks out as Baker Bloch heads home along the only inland sea of the island in yet another protected sim.


Light ‘Em Up!

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Well, the house has changed considerably in a week (!). First off, I daringly added a spiral staircase taken from a totally unrelated structure. Wasn’t even sure how it would plug in to the main house before I started playing around with the juxtaposition. I believe my main idea at first, perhaps, was to have easier access to the second and third floors of the structure, which this accomplished. It also has tintable windows, which I also installed in the front of the house (I think of it as the front, anyhow… the long part facing the void sim).

Part of the process of fitting in this staircase involved hollowing out one prim of the 4 prim foundation. This was to allow the top of the staircase to match the level of the second floor; otherwise it would have been too tall. Hollowing out this prim revealed a part of the bare landscape again below, so I decided to create a little garden spot there as well. Eventually, two large palm trees dominated this area, placed just in front of the bottom of the spiral stairs.

Then we get to the elimination of the floors in the forum area, another daring move if I say so myself. This worked marvelously, highlighting a strength of the structure, which is its verticality. So you see the result immediately below: 3 floors suddenly becoming one large open space.

Unfortunately, I decided that I had to get rid of the Shake sculpture. Too many prims (29, I believe), or about a 10th of what I am allotted overall with the property. I will need these prims in the future, when I plan to remodel the skybox as well. Here’s one last look at Shake with Baker Blinker.

Here’s some front/side views of the house as it stands now. The palm trees had to be positioned just right so they wouldn’t wave outside the glass, an undesired effect. Don’t want it to look like I don’t know what I’m doing! he he.

Baker Bloch far below now.

And here’s the garden spot as it is now as well.

Lastly, I added a willow tree on the side of the house which I set as a home marker. I can rez there in more privacy now. The front of the house remains basically unchanged, though, as you can see in the long shot below, which also includes the new willow to the right.

Forgot to mention I moved the main door from the front to the side of the house nearer the home landmark. Also forgot to mention I removed one of those rather ugly white ramps that allowed access to the various stories, and also most of the railing around the second story in the front. Only the upper of the 2 access ramps remain, and it is a cul-de-sac since the 3rd floor no longer exists as a room any more.

So that’s how it stands today. Tomorrow? Who knows.