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It Starts With A Flower May 2, 2008

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Baker Bloch is determined to start his own blog. I’ve finally seen the madness to his method and let him have his way. In a sense it is like Baker Blinker starting her own blog all over again. ‘Cept one big difference: while Baker Blinker did *not* actually see the stone hand w/eye in the middle of her forest at the beginning of her blog, Baker Bloch certainly *sees* the flower pictured below in virtual reality. It is not a collage element this time. The two, collage and non-collage elements, are most likely directly connected.

The flower was created in October 2002. It is then an Alpha creation.

Baker Bloch has contacted the creator of the flower to see if she can fill in more of the story of its presence here. Baker Bloch believes that the flower, in relationship to two other objects in the immediate vicinity, might tell the entire story, beginning-middle-end, of the entwined Baker’s Island and AI. In fact, from now on let’s just call this Baker’s Island shall we?

Nah, let’s call it AI.* But they are the same.

One of the objects accompanying the flower Baker Bloch believes represents the new house. It is striped and colored in exactly the same way. Baker Blinker even reinforced this striping today by adding tinted windows to the house — emphasizing the banding, and also the relationship to the same on Hucka D.’s yellow and black banded hindquarters. Yellow (gold) instead of white (silver)? (Man-woman; King-Queen)

Charles Nelson Blinkerton has become more interested in Dark Side of the Rainbow. Thinks that the prismatic refraction at the center of this best known audiovisual synchronicity represents the shift of Alpha to Beta Second Life in November 2002.

The loss of cube/seed Lemon World (hedge maze containing his art) inside The Man is the loss of the 13th in shift from first half of alphabet (A-M) to second half (N-Z). The loss is represented by the erasure of the “N”, making “N-Z” “O-Z” instead, or OZ. Entrance to Oz is where refraction of pure white light begins. Alpha > Beta. Notice that the middle two letters of the Alphabet (Alpha + Beta) are M and N, which we already know stands for MaN. Can’t be a coincidence, come to think of it.

In the middle of Oz as depicted in Dark Side of the Rainbow and the accompanying 1939 Wizard of Oz movie is an ordinary man disguised as a wizard. To ensure his power he erases the presence of a special little girl. He erases the “N”. This is Ozma.

The first *two movie* audiovisual synchronicity, Kansas City Life, stands for Linden World, or Alpha before Beta. It is uncorrupted Kansas before Oz. A-M. 13 and complete. Wholely holely. Dorothy Gale in grey/sepia drabness. Smack inbetween Alpha and Beta stands MaN. Fall of. Refraction.

We’re starting to heal this wound now. Baker Bloch is even creating the draft of Blinkerton type movies. Blochs will relay more information to us as it comes in.

baker b.

* Later I decide to call the main Azure Island AI1.