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edge of the world March 25, 2008

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In the main now, both Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker, if they depart from their respective 20 meter long “cubby holes”, like to frequent art galleries and events, such as those publicised on the Not Possible IRL site. When visiting one of these events at the International Justice Center, Baker Bloch couldn’t resist looking around at the neighboring lands before departing. His eyes lit up when he found the huge chunk of virgin sim land I give a map of below, formed apparently quite recently on the very eastern edge of the Second Life world grid.

Upon teleporting around, Mr. Bloch found that some of the land had already been developed, but there was still a lot of unspoilt forest left. Below is how he decided to record his findings. I’m not so sure of the high resolution snapshots, which takes away some of the mystery of the place. But it is a way of quite clearly seeing what is there for sure. Enjoy while it’s still around!



On 1. looking south toward 2.
South toward 2. This is my kind of place!!

On 2. looking south toward 3.

On 2. looking north toward 1.

South toward 3 looking north.

On 3. looking north toward 2. See the edge of the world?

On 3. looking south to tip of mainland.

3. (north side). Hi up there!

3. (south side).


11 Responses to “edge of the world”

  1. HBA Says:

    Wow! You really must tell Salazar about this land – maybe we can go and explore it together?

    As for the edge of the world… watch that step!

  2. You are reading my mind! I just IM-ed Salazar Jack about this tonight. It’s a pretty fascinating place, and from now on I suppose the ever-explorer Blochs will be keeping his eye on this ever-progressing edge.

    Yeah, love to hear his opinion, but we better explore soon!

  3. HBA Says:

    I’ll be online tonight (that’s about 1pm SL time onwards) if you are too, TP me over and I’ll come see with you – I’ll see if I can get some Burros too 🙂

  4. Cool! If I can’t make it please feel free, of course, to tp over there without me, but I’ll definitely try to send Baker Bloch over there.

    Another fyi for you here: I’m adding a bunch of SLurls to previous posts so people can find, if they wish, stuff like Hilo Peak, the lemon tree, and so forth. I don’t mind giving the SLurls out now since I have a little distance from most of these matters. However, I’d like to keep my cubby hole in you-know-where a secret still. Just for the JCMEB? members.

    I’ll definitely try to show, but you have the map and snapshots if I can’t. Love to meet some of the other Burros.


  5. Yeah, I’ve I’m not *there* I could be *here* instead (!)

  6. HBA Says:

    I wwent and saw and it was cool! I took a few shots but was surprised to find natives! And my god but land is expensive there! 50KL$ for 4ksqm – I paid 25KL$ and I know the oldbies got that much free at the start 🙂

  7. Excellent. Glad you went. I have some ideas for future expeditions but I’ve got to ask Baker Bloch more about it 1st. If Salazar doesn’t hurry he’s going to miss ths particular wilderness.

    I wonder how often large tracts of forested land like that are created? It’s sims and sims and sims worth.

  8. Salazar Jack Says:

    Alas… I am up to my elbows in saplings. I have to keep an eye on them for the next few days and won’t be able to go out on a jaunt until this weekend. I’ll try to catch some of edge before it’s gone.

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  10. […] pm Well, as you can tell from the 2nd snapshot here, civilization has moved in quickly to the quiet forest on the edge of the world. Houses are springing up between what I called peaks 2 and 3 in this earlier post. Shame. But we […]

  11. […] think!) can afford that luxury again. There’s not much in the way of wilderness on this edge, unlike some other times I’ve browsed. This island, in fact, is the only larger chuck of vacant land that I could find in my limited […]

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