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lemon world March 17, 2008

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Baker Bloch and Hucka D. the bee, as one, turned toward the circle of stones as a rumbling began that signalled an occuring manifestation (the same sound that you hear in SL when manifesting objects/prims). Just over the edge of the circle of stones appeared a pot with a plant, a lemon plant. The largest of the lemons on the plant, and perhaps the only one that was fully ripe, was drooping over the circle’s limit and into the very center of the stones. With a snap the lemon dropped off and rolled upright in this center. The pot, apparently having done its working, disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared.


Baker and Hucka, who had been observing all this while hovering far above, descended to the surface to see the manifested lemon up close. A plane-type boarder hoisted by a truck moved into view from unknown dimensions, offering a way to enter the perhaps 20 meter long fruit. With no hesitation, Hucka D. went up the boarder and inside, and Baker Bloch, after a small pause, followed in turn.


Tom’s Petty High.


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  1. […] into Sunklands on the Jeogeot continent. This is akin to his disappearance into Lemon World much earlier in this blog, except now Baker Bloch has more SL obligations to fulfill, such as maintaining galleries. […]

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