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Resting Place February 29, 2008

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Baker Bloch was in no hurry to return to the lair of Mr. Low for his anticipated second task, so he decided to walk back and enjoy the underwater views. To his disappointment it took only 19 minutes altogether, leisurely strolling around the edges of 3 sims total. So that made it about a 256×3 meter walk, for a total of 768 meters, or around 3/4ths of a kilometer. It’s as close as he could get with the cemetery, he believed.

Upon arriving back at the temple ruins where he had been meeting Mr. Low, unlike all other times there was no Mr. Low about. Always he appeared floating, spectre-like, atop the cleared tile floor that Baker stares at in the snapshot below. Baker searched the entire ruins and the area surrounding it. He even went up to Isle of Baker to look around, although Mr. Low insisted he had never been above water in SL, and rarely even went away from the ruins.


After Baker had just decided to hunker down for the night in the spooky ruins to await his master, he turned around in his mind the possible reasons for Mr. Low’s request to build the cemetery. Do the 3 stones represent fallen comrades, perhaps those that landed on the SL planet with Mr. Low that he scathingly mentioned once before? And also Baker had the strong suspision that Mr. Low himself was not really corporeal within SL; he too was a ghost here. Baker jokingly pictured to himself Mr. Low requesting his own headstone, the 4th, for his second task. Then a series of thoughts rapidly culminated in the obvious: the a priori presence; the color; the lining up with the other 3 tombstones; the position higher than the rest. Mr. Low was lowest no longer.

The Orange Chair!!



Sans Fur ‘N Feathers

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