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Lazy And Quick February 27, 2008

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Mr. Low was not exactly a kind master. The task Mr. Low gave our new Baker avatar was the creation of a 3 stone graveyard. Mr. Low insisted that no Linden dollars be spent on this task, and also that the cemetery must be in as permanent and stable an enviroment as possible given the imposed limitations. Mr. Low also insisted that Baker must not begin his task until he spies, from his magic bench that he must otherwise hang around in the meantime, one animal on top of another animal. And it must be from this bench and no other vantage point. Mr. Low insisted the sight would be obvious.

Thus Baker Bloch resurfaced to his island (Isle of Baker) from the underwater ruins and sat on the bench to begin his wait. Unfortunately this baker does not have quite the patience of the Blinker one, and so when the sight did occur he was about to wander away from the bench. This was about 20 minutes, SL time, after Baker had resurfaced. Baker shivered at the thought of what the creepy Mr. Low might do to him if the portent had been missed. Below is a re-creation of what he saw over the sim-wide sea to the east of the isle. Not exactly what Baker thought of when hearing Mr. Low’s descripition of one animal atop another, but, like he said, it was certainly obvious enough. His quest had begun.

Baker probably explored 15-20 nearby sims before finding a spot fairly close to Isle of Baker to create his graveyard. The trick was that he had to find *remote* property where the Object Return option was set to “zero,” yet which still allowed him to manifest the needed headstones from his inventory (freebies from SL Exchange Marketplace, once more). Just by chance, it seemed, an ordinary orange chair was already sitting atop a rock next to the place Baker had deemed best for his materialization.


Task completed, a satisfied baker sits in the orange chair, taking in the spectacular seascape around the new graveyard.