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Another Baker February 26, 2008

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As Baker Blinker is perhaps indisposed for a considerable amount of time, what with being merged with that same colored cup creature as seen in the last post here, and apparently on a different planet separate from the main Second Life grid even, it seemed necessary to create another baker avatar to replace the first. Thus Baker Bloch is born. Here Baker #2, hereafter just Baker or Baker Bloch, is seen just after materializing at the magic bench formerly visited by Baker Blinker. The multihued pea pod is nowhere to be found, but this Baker has a more specific mission than the first during his initial visit.


Having some time to kill before his meeting, Baker explores some of the underwater realm near Isle of Baker, including this scenic protrusion of rock at the meeting place of 4 sims.


A 1 minute late baker baker shows up at the prearranged rendezvous area after 3 hours and 20 minutes of exploring. A mysterious, pointy orange entity, whose shape should be familiar to the reader by now, waits impatiently atop an exposed area of tiled floor within the ruins.

“Mr. Low I presume,” Baker says in greeting.



Shake ‘N Bake, I suppose

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Baker Blinker was halfway across the Sansara continent when his faux Mysti HUD alerted him to a presense in the [delete name] sim. Knowing few visitors traversed this lonely region, baker was well aware that a new contact/clue may be awaiting him upon teleporting in, like the stone hand and pointy bushes before this. baker’s first flyover produced a visual, surprising him a bit since objects in the forest tend to be rather difficult to spot in this manner. The visitor appeared to be a gleaming white cylinder of some kind, roughly the same length perhaps as himself/herself, and with a smaller, purple tube, it appeared, protruding from the slightly wider end. The appearance was one of a small, crashed ship of some kind, and thus, logically enough, baker wondered if this was not the visitor he expected, but just a vehicle of locomotion for such a stranger. But even at this beginning point in their relationship, when baker even doubted the object was a living, breathing creature, he couldn’t help but notice that the colors were exactly the same as his own, and in roughly the same proportion body-wise.


First things first, though. baker landed a safe distance away from what he then thought was probably a craft, wondering if the visitor was perhaps still inside. Using a tree as a shield he crept in closer…


Too late! The object, suddenly animated, moved swiftly and enveloped him (her), then quickly ascending into the sky, and dragging poor, hapless baker with it in its bowels — like a misfitting attachment gone hideously wrong. Far above the tree line, Baker, now both Baker and Not Baker, looked around and also realized this was no faux planet any more. Up and down his line of vision were acres and acres of forest sandwiched between two vast swaths of sea, and with a high end and low end. Baker’s Island truly revealed!!