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Sorry!!! February 25, 2008

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I didn’t mean to do it at all but I apparently messed up Edna’s (wife’s) avatar tonight. I was visiting the SL Exchange Marketplace for the first time and raking in freebies right and left. In the gathering process, I scooped up a couple of free avatars, including a giant eyeball. Long story short, I screwed up my own account and had to use Edna’s name and SL login to “buy” the stuff. Went to my usual rezzing spot to open the bought inventory boxes, but could not physically enter the sim for some reason. So I resorted to my older spot in the corner of Rodeo. Didn’t realize it at the time, but I think it was fate that it happened in this hot corner, since I’d made the collage with the shut eye there as seen in the “To Back Up A Bit…” post on this blog. I now think this collage at least partially prefigured the later faux pas. Anyway, unpacked the box there and chose “copy and wear” when prompted. Admittedly the eyeball avatar was pretty cool, but then I thought I could just hit detach and it would all go away and Edna Blinker as himself/herself would be back, but it didn’t work! Instead left behind was what looked like a small African-American child, not higher than 3 feet tall, relatively speaking. I was shocked. And I couldn’t get Edna’s former looks back no matter how hard I tried. So I thought, we’ll I’ve screwed up anyway, let’s see what this free Space Ghost avatar will look like on her. So I copied and wore that as well and then Edna looked like a midget Space Ghost, essentially without any legs. So I kept fiddling and finally restored Space Ghost’s full figure, and even returned the original Edna’s faded jeans and tie dye shirt. But I couldn’t get back the face or body.

Edna was out of the house at the time of of the crisis, but when I told her I ruined the Edna B. avatar upon her return she was fairly upset. She’d had a rough day anyway. Told her I meant well and that I was gathering up freebies for her and me both. Luckily she had no real ties to SL using this avatar, so she can start anew with little trouble. Her appearance was just a modification of one of the Linden pre-sets, so she can basically recreate her look under a new name. The freebies were pretty cool and all, but they don’t make up for the sadness I feel.

Maybe I can figure out a way to get her Edna Blinker back. I’ll try again tomorrow.