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To Back Up A Bit… February 21, 2008

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Shortly after being reborn into Second Life, I found myself naturally drawn to the quite vast Forest of Kahruvel mentioned in previous posts. It seems like many, many months since I first flew along the northern line of this park at night, following the paved road for part of the way, and the coast the rest of the way. Yet it has only been about 3 weeks, probably. It didn’t make a huge impression upon me the first time, admittedly, but then I found myself coming back again and again. A closer study of Salazar Jack’s blog made me appreciate the relatively deep mythology behind the forest, and the name change involved. HeadBurro AntFarm’s blog about the exploration of Cowell after his transformation into half-man, half-antelope prompted me to reexplore the same. The builders’ fascination with the number 8 through repeated use of the octagon in designs, in retrospect especially (see posts above this), added another inviting aesthetic and intellectual coloring to the increasingly rich picture. What *was* the meaning of all this? Like several before me, apparently, I was also attracted to the obelisk on the island in the corner of the Rodeo sim.


One day, not long after conducting my first experiments with building in SL in the same spot, I came across this very curious find, which connected to another story in a quite different part of Sansara, not too awfully far from the woods I decided to use as cinematic backdrop for the Baker’s Island storyline. And, yes, this is another collage, because I wanted to build this eye, but simply didn’t have the necessary skill set, you see. So I relied on old talents.


The eye was then taken back to a treehouse in the unnamed forest (that’s the 3rd forest mentioned here, in case you’re counting), where I knew, or at least someone knew that the thing could be opened there safely. The thing is, all this really happened in reverse: the eye was opened first, then closed, then placed in the Rodeo sim corner. And so it’s not surprising that there were time and space distortions involved, loss of memory, the usual stuff.


Yeah, it’s best to start here, then. The eye was opened, then closed, then stashed in the sim corner for me to find but which I’d already found. Obviously we must move on from this for further clarification (I’ll get to that involved map of AZ/NM again soon, I suspect).


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