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View from Lighthouse translated into Second Life (SL) February 20, 2008

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In SL, I do not actually own an island or even any part of an SL sim. I am a wanderer, being a relative SL newb and having zero lindens for now. I have not gotten the hang of SL building yet. This is a scripted island, thus. All locations are from a Gov. Linden owned sim on Sansara continent. I will withhold its name for now [3/28/08: I”m giving it out now: It is Kerchal]. I found it running the Linden roads one night, as I like to do. I briefly thought of using the Forest of Kahruvel for “filming” but it is too mountainous. RL Baker’s Island looks like it has only small hills at best. Besides, that forest is playing its part in another story from someone considerably older to SL ways than I. Check out the beginning here:

There I am!


Then, over a grassy hillock, a stone hand with eye!

This is actually a collage of stone hand w/ eye and the SL forest location mentioned before. Yes, this has something to do with the SL logo. It is not in the forest, yet it is. baker recalls reading about a stone marker for a grave of John Low while researching Baker’s Island, and wonders if this could somehow be related.


Baker’s Island & Lighthouse

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Baker’s Island off the coast of Cape Breton. 1.86 kilometers n-s and 9.4 kilometers e-w. Owned in RL by one William Baker. Read his story here.
Translated into SL, this becomes the island of another baker, baker Blinker, who is also known as Baker Breton. In Yahoo search of images with “baker breton”, image above is on first pg. of search, 14th overall when last checked.;_ylt=A0geu8B.v7xHBD4B2aRXNyoA?ei=UTF-8&p=baker%20breton&fr2=tab-web&fr=yfp-t-501


Translated into sims, Baker’s Island would cover approximately 8×4 sims of 256×256 meters. 32 sims, then. I see it as located in a limbo region, actually, between SL and RL, or possibly in another, neighboring virtual reality closer to RL. I also can see it as a “moon” of SL, or perhaps a planet like Pluto at the very edge of an SL oriented solar system in the future. Time will tell.


To Be Continued…